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For everyone who opens his eyes there is sun - by Ma Yog Stuti

I was wondering how we humans, one of tremendous capabilities and intelligence can be so ignorant of the simplicity of life.

It cannot be always blamed on society or culture because we have some great masters coming from this very same environment.

Yes the way we are raised and yes how we are taught to think by various institutions including our parents make lot of impact but still..

Can the biggest culprit be the way we are born? Imagine getting into a relationship or getting married just because we have to and have a child just because we have to.. No consciousness or love in either two situations, what a waste.

A small shift in consciousness can open so many doors of joy and laughter. Every day can become as joyful as we want.

Going in silence can help and I am not talking about external silence.

Only when one is full of joy and love, he can spread it and share it or create another life who will be as vibrant as a rainbow after a storm.

I am amazed by our capability to hide things even from ourselves and just go on living like a rat on a wheel.

Felt to share this because of a recent incident which happened around me.

Like a great saint once said “ for everyone who opens his eyes there is sun” , I wish for all of us to open our eyes.

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