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rishis hatha yoga & ayurveda teacher training

200 hour certified TTC - 4 weeks program


10th October - 6th November 2022

    10th of February - 3rd of March 2023

1st October - 29th October 2023

from € 3300

The Rishis Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training offers an intensive program to go deeper into yoga practise, to achieve deeper understanding about yoga asana (posture) and philosophy.

Focussing not only at the alignment or physical aspect of yoga, but also approaching yoga as a spiritual practise with has many disciplines. Helping to develop a constant awareness to be in tune with existence.

Based on ancient Yoga Sutras (scriptures), Rishis Yoga Teacher Training reveals the secrets of the path of yoga, involving five main principles:

  1. ​Right exercise - Asanas

  2. Right breathing - Pranayama

  3. Right relaxation - Savasana

  4. Right diet - Vegetarian

  5. Positivity and meditation - Vedanta Dhyana

Rishis Teacher Training gives you a total understanding of yoga. The emphasis is not only on Asanas, but also on Yamas (restraints), Niyamas (observances), Paranayama (Yogic breathing), concentration and meditation, based on the eight limbed yoga philosophy. You will learn Mantras in order to purify yourself. Learning the chanting of Mantras and the philosophy along with the practise of alignments and adjustments of yoga Asanas, will help you to grow in your path of Yoga.


The training offers a most accurate and balanced program to enhance your confidence, skills, knowledge and experience. It is designed in such a way that you can practise yourself and gain confidence in teaching others in different levels.

The Rishis Hatha and Ayurveda TTC offers a unique combination of 2 studies: traditional Hatha yoga and extensive knowledge of Ayurveda, providing you the skills and tools to enhance your practise and teachings of yoga and ayurvedic treatments.

The retreat center Rishis International provides an authentic and profound space to grow in ancient yogic and vedic studies.

Teachers and professors from recognised Ayurvedic universities and colleges will be supporting and guiding throughout the program. Students will be invited for special classes and workshops at the CDL College of Ayurveda in Yamuna Nagar, which is affiliated by the Ayush (Indian Ministry of Ayurveda) and CCIM (Central Council of Indian Medicine).


  • Morning and evening yoga classes

  • Learning Anatomy, Pranayama and Asana's

  • Ayurveda and yoga philosophy classes

  • Panchakarma and Ayurvedic massage studies

  • Silence walks 

  • Kirtan - divine songs

  • Mantra chanting

  • Trips and excursions to temples, villages and more

  • 2 delicious healthy vegetarian sattvic meals every day

  • comfortable accommodation 


An invitation for who?

Who wants to achieve a deep understanding of Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga.

Who is looking to discover authentic tools and knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga which can be used in their work with others and in order to discover their own identity.

Who is ready to commit to a more meaningful life and to walk on this path of spirituality.

Who is ready to live life with awareness and confidence.

Who has the desire to step out from the mundane life and develop a healthier, richer and more conscious lifestyle.

Who are already teachers or longer in this path and want to gain more knowledge in order to go into higher dimensions of their teachings.




Daily program at Rishis International retreat center

Rishikesh - Uttarakhand


8:00 - 9:00  Morning Meditation class with chanting and pranayama exercises


9:00 - 10:00  Herbal tea and chai


10:00 - 11:00  Hatha Yoga class


11.00 - 12:30  Brunch 


12.30 - 13.30  Yoga Philosophy class

14:00 - 15:00  Yoga alignment and ajustment class


15:30 - 16:00 Chai and break

16:30 - 17:30  Silence walk


18:00 - 19:30  Hatha yoga class followed by evening meditation


19:30 - 20.30  Dinner


20:30 - 21:30  Bonfire and evening celebrations


Daily program at CDL College of Ayurveda

Yamuna Nagar - Haryana

8:00 - 9:00  Breakfast with herbal tea or chai


10:00 - 12:00  Morning Ayurveda philosophy class


12.00 - 13:30  Ayurvedic lunch 

14:00 - 16:00  Panchakarma practise


16:00 - 16:30 Chai and break

16:30 - 18:30  Ayurvedic massage practise


18:30 - 20:00  Free time


20:00 - 21:00  Ayurvedic dinner



Our Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training takes you deeper in your experience of yoga and meditation, following the lineage of Shivananda Yoga and Vedanta Hatha Yoga and ancient wisdom of "Yoga Sutras". Our well qualified teachers are carrying life time experiences of teaching and are having tremendous knowledge of 'Vedanta' and vedic rituals. 

Swami Antar Khirad

Antar Khirad ('Inner Wisdom') got his Sanyas in 1996 at the community of 'Osho', enlightened Master in Pune. Born in the northern part of India in a Shatriya family, he was raised with 'Sanatan Dharma' (Eternal Religion). Through the journey of life he has been with different mystics and masters, and lived in several communes and ashrams.


"Religion is not where you are born in, it's what is born out of you."


Having this insight, Antar Khirad keeps moving on his path. Sharing his love and energies both in Asia and in Europe for the last 15 years as a contemporary teacher of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation. Leading many groups and workshops, and giving trainings and individual sessions.


Ma Yog Stuti

A nomad at heart , her journey started since she was young. Growing up she was influenced by her father which is where she first got to know about spirituality and yoga.


A strong desire to find some stability and tranquility led her to Sivananda Ashram where she formally underwent training to become a yoga teacher. Along with this she has attended various yoga and meditation camps learning and going deeper in it.


Since then she has been travelling and conducting programs which includes beginners, intermediate as well as being part of TTC as an Assistant Teacher. All this with the hope of sharing the peace that she has found.

Deepankar Dahiya

Deepankar (who lightens others paths) only started practicing yoga toward the end of his teens. But surprisingly he was always in touch with yoga as his grandfather was Yogi in nature always doing his sadhna without missing a single day. Always navigating him through the flow of life.

After doing his masters in yoga science from Patanjali university the search for fulfillment still continued, living for years with different kind of monks and rishis, from one place to another throughout the Himalayas.
Ultimately he started imparting his practices and experience on others.

Amazed by the rewarding feeling to pass it on and help other people get in touch with themselves.  Encouraged him to teach in different parts of the world Denmark, Netherlands, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, etc.
Enhancing people life's experience with in-depth practices that allow them to break repeated pattern and compulsive habits, creating conscious decision-making became his motive.

Dr. Sonika Nadda 

Dr. Sonika Nadda is a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner with MD in Panchakarma and PG in Dietetics, Assistant professor of Panchakarma at CDL college of Ayurveda and Panchakarma consultant at CDL Ayurveda hospital Yamunanangar, Haryana (India). 

The core idea of Dr Sonika is to combine ancient Indian knowledge with existing westernized life style as a value addition to human life. She is striving hard to unleash the underlying Indian knowledge so that the entire world benefits by the Ayurvedic practices and traditions to achieve the best of both.

Dr. Sonika experienced that health can be attained not only by chemical medicines but also through the proper intake of herbs in the form of food & spices as a part of diet as well as herbal medicines mentioned in Ayurveda texts.















Our Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda teacher training will be taking place at 2 different locations. The first and final part takes place at yoga and meditation retreat center Rishis International, located at the footsteps of the Himalayas, near the city of Rishikesh, known as the Yoga capital of India. 

The central part of the program will take place at CDL College of Ayurveda in Yamuna Nagar, located near te banks of the Yamuna river in Haryana. During this part of the teacher training participants will stay in a comfortable accommodation nearby the CDL College. Daily transportations from and to the collega wil be provided. 

After finishing this training part, participants will be guided back to Rishis International where the closing ceremonies will be taking place. Transportations from and to the Rishis retreat center from CDL College will equally be arranged for. 


At both locations we ensure to provide accommodation with excellent quality, so that you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay. If you are a solo traveller and wish to have more privacy, single person supplements are available for all rooms. If you don't mind sharing with other participants, we can find someone of the same sex to share with or if you wish to book along with a friend you can mention this in your booking, so we can arrange for your shared accommodation.

Room options at Rishis International

Zen deluxe private/double room with shared bathroom


This room, with a magnificent view over the rice fields and tropical jungle, has two single beds that can be joined together. The room can either be booked individually (shared option only available for female solo travellers) or by a couple or two friends booking at the same time. Zen deluxe room has a shared bathroom with Zorba deluxe room.


Zorba deluxe private/double room with shared bathroom


This room, with a magnificent view over the rice fields and tropical jungle, has two single beds that can be joined together. The room can either be booked individually (shared option only available for female solo travellers) or by a couple or two friends booking at the same time. Zorba deluxe room has a shared bathroom with Zen deluxe room.


Deluxe eco stone-bamboo hut with private bathroom


For those who like to have their own private space and bathroom, we offer a luxurious eco stone hut. This hut has a double bed and a private bathroom with a bathtub and toilet. The hut can be booking either individually or by a couple or two friends booking at the same time.


Food is an art to prepare and to receive. At our retreat, the food is based on Ayurvedic ingredients and is prepaired with love and care and with high hygienic standards. We provide vegetarian Indian sattvic cuisine cooked in traditional style. 


Food is a very important part of life so we try to offer a balanced menu, with dishes that give nourishment to your body and that are easy to digest, in order to keep you calm and help you to go deeper in meditation. 

During our teacher training we share with you the knowledge of how to make a simple act such as eating into a meditative practise.

What's included:

  • Yoga and meditation classes twice a day

  • daily anatomy and yoga philosophy classes at Rishis International

  • Ayurveda classes and workshops at the CDL college 

  • a syllabus for each student

  • 2 delicious vegetarian sattvic meals daily

  • daily evening celebrations including traditional Indian rituals and ceremonies

  • weekly trips and excursions

  • comfortable accommodaton at the yoga retreat center Rishis International in Uttarakhand and at Buddha Garden near the CDP college in Haryana

  • transport from and to Rishikesh of Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport on the day of arrival and day of departure

  • all other transfers that are part of the program

What's not included:

  • Flights

  • Transport fee to and from Rishikesh city or Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport on other days (we can book the taxi for you and arrange for pick-up and drop-off at the resort)

Good to know before you go/ additional information

Group size

Maximum 10 persons. This allows for us to give a lot of personal attention to each student's development.

Dressing information

Please bring loose, comfortable clothing for practicing the yoga postures. Also, we recommend that you bring a shawl for meditation practice.


What to bring


We have yoga mats at Rishis International which you are more than welcome to use. Alternatively, if you prefer to bring your own mat you are welcome to do so. Please pack some sun cream and insect repellant. Also remember to bring your travel adaptor for your various charging needs. Since the evenings may get a bit chilly, please bring a sweater with you as well.


We provide towels and bedsheets, and we have herbal shampoo and body wash for you to use too.


Extension options


If you would like to spend a few days before the training or after the training at the resort, you are most welcome to do so. Please inquire with us beforehand which rooms are available for those days and we will book your room.

How to get there


Rishis International is situated approximately 15 km from Rishikesh and approximately 35 km from the nearest airport 'Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport'. There a several flights a day from New Delhi International Airport to Dehradun. The flight takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach there. 


We offer free shuttle taxi services for our guests from and to both Rishikesh and Dehradun Jolly Airport on the starting day and on the final day of the Yoga Teacher Training program.


For those who desire to use a shuttle service from or to Rishikesh city of Dehrahdun Jolly Airport on other days we are charging a minimal service fee based on the local tariff. The cost of the taxi service from Rishikesh can be estimated at € 15 and the taxi service from Dehradun Jolly Airport at € 30, which is to be paid directly to the driver. You will be picked up by our driver at the agreed point at the city or airport and dropped of at the resort, making your stay fully hassle free.


If you prefer to come to Rishikesh a day or more before or after retreats, you could spend one of several days in Rishikesh and then rejoin us at Rishis International. We can arrange for your transport from the city to the resort.

Booking conditions




In order to reserve your room please contact us to find out if the room is available for the dates you require. We then ask you for a deposit of 25% of the total amount via bank transfer. The other 75% can be either transferred by bank as well shortly before your arrival or can be paid in cash on the location.


Accepted payment methods for deposit payment


Bank transfer


Accepted payment methods on location




Accepted currencies on location


Euro and Indian Rupee


Cancellation policy


In case of a cancellation within less than 4 weeks before your scheduled retreat program, your deposit payment of 25% will be charged. If you cancel more than 4 weeks before your scheduled retreat, your deposit will be refunded.



200 hours Rishis Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training


10th of February - 8th of March 2021

1st October - 28th October 2021

 € 3.300

Prices are based on accommodation in a shared double room with shared bathroom. Single occupancy accommodation is equally possible for a supplement of € 900

When making a booking request, thank you for mentioning the following details in our contact form:

  • the training program you're interested in (100 or 200 hours program)

  • on which dates you would like to participate in the program

  • which accommodation type has your preference (shared or single occupancy)

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