Rishis International 

Rishis International offers all year long intensive training programs for individual growth. Giving you the oportunity to enjoy Rishis premisses at the most and to dive deeper within and deepen your experiences. 


These trainings will enrich your skills and your experience, allowing you to share them with others as a teacher.


For each training we are inviting highly experienced teachers with tremendous knowledge and insight of yoga, tantra, ayurveda and meditation. 


All Rishis programs share the following aspects:


  • Openening to the heart and unconditionning of the self, to rest in the emptiness. 


  • Oneness with existence through realization of own being.


  • Practise of non-duality, Advaita mindfulness, awareness of the moment.


  • Deep experiences of being available to receive the blessings of existence and work on the barriers of "mindfulness".

 rishis yoga & ayurveda teacher training 


200 hour Certified Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda T.T.C. 



vedic yoga massage teacher training 


 14 days Ayurvedic Yoga Massage T.T.C. with Antar Khirad