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silence retreat

3 days retreat

4th - 7th of April 2021

from € 295


During this 3 days retreat you learn to be in silence, doing nothing and sitting silently. To recognise absolute awareness and to be in a state of awakening and witnessing. The guided meditations in this retreat program take you to your inner space, to the space where you rediscover yourself and that undisturbed, untouched silence which has always been there. 

Rishis Internationals retreat center is surrounded by lavish green hills. The campus carries a powerful energy field. The water stream passing by the resort and the breeze coming through the mango trees create an atmosphere where you can dive within.




  • Morning pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) and bandha (yogic "body lock") class

  • Daily guided meditations

  • Silence walks through the tropical jungle

  • Silent evening ceremonies

  • 3 delicious healthy vegetarian sattvic meals every day

  • Herbal organic teas available all day

  • 3 nights comfortable accommodation 

  • Royal Indian jungle experience

For who? 


Anyone who is open to this path of meditation is elegible for this practise. In whichever state you are, whether you are a beginner or you are already familiar with meditation techniques, all are welcome to jump into it. 



Daily program

7:00 - 8:00    Morning meditation 

8:30 - 10:00   Yoga class

10:30 - 11:30   Brunch

12:00 - 13:00   Meditation class

13:00 - 14:00   Yoga nidra

14:00 - 15:00   Zen tea

15:00 - 16:00   Nadabrahma "no dimension" meditation

16:00 - 17:00   Silence walk

18:00 - 19:00   Dinner

20:00 - 21:00  Silent evening ceremony

About the meditation classes


During this retreat a combination of different meditation techniques will be used, in order to help you to go deeper into your silence. Among these are vipassana (Buddhist technique for self-observation) , tratak sadhana (gazing a flame technique), pranayama (Yogic breathing technique), awareness meditation, yoga nidra (Yogic Sleep technique) and many more effective techniques. 


"free to attend" retreat


Please note that all the classes are optional during your retreat. Our intention is to let you develop at your own pace and to let you enjoy your stay. We want you to enjoy your retreat as much as possible, to become healthy in mind and body and to learn how to feel at one with yourself.


Personal approach 


For our retreats at Rishis International we work with small groups of maximum 8 participants, allowing our teachers and therapists to give tremendous personal attention to each and every student and to offer a program that fits our participants personal needs.




















Retreats are based at our retreat center Rishis International, located at the footsteps of the Himalayas, near the city of Rishikesh. We can arrange for your transport from the nearest city (Rishikesh) and airport (Dehradun Jolly Airport).


We provide accommodation with excellent quality, assuring that you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay. If you are a solo traveller and wish to have more privacy, single person supplements are available for all rooms. If you don't mind sharing with other participants, Rishis International can find someone of the same sex to share with or if you wish to book along with a friend you can mention this in your booking, so we can arrange for your shared accommodation.


Room options


Single deluxe room with river view

Authentic single room with original stone walls and decorations. Shares bathroom with the other room located in the same cottage. Featuring a window with peaceful views over the small mountain creek flowing through the premises.  Allow the calming sound of the river to sing you asleep on the comfortable queen bed.

Zen deluxe private/double room with shared bathroom


This room, with a magnificent view over the rice fields and tropical jungle, has two single beds that can be joined together. The room can either be booked individually (shared option only available for female solo travellers) or by a couple or two friends booking at the same time. Zen deluxe room has a shared bathroom with Zorba deluxe room.


Zorba deluxe private/double room with shared bathroom


This room, with a magnificent view over the rice fields and tropical jungle, has two single beds that can be joined together. The room can either be booked individually (shared option only available for female solo travellers) or by a couple or two friends booking at the same time. Zorba deluxe room has a shared bathroom with Zen deluxe room.


Eco stone cottage with private bathroom


For those who like to have their own private space and bathroom, we offer beautiful stone cottages. These cottages have a double bed and a private bathroom with a shower and toilet. The cottage can be booking either individually or by a couple or two friends booking at the same time.




Food is an art to prepare and to receive. At our retreat, the food is based on Ayurvedic ingredients and is prepared with love and care and with high hygienic standards. We provide vegetarian Indian sattvic cuisine cooked in traditional style.


Food is a very important part of life so we try to offer a balanced menu, with dishes that give 

nourishment to your body and that are easy to digest, in order to keep you calm and help you to go deeper in meditation. 

In our retreat we share with you the knowledge of how to make a simple act such as eating into a meditative practise.


What's included:


  • 3 nights comfortable accommodaton at the retreat center Rishis International

  • Meditation classes twice a day

  • Silence walk once a day

  • 3 delicious vegetarian sattvic meals daily

  • daily silent evening ceremonies


What's not included:


  • Flights

  • Airport transport fee from Dehradun Jolly Airport (we can book the taxi for you and arrange for pick-up and drop-off at the resort)


Good to know before you go/ additional information


Group size


Maximum 8 persons. This allows for us to give a lot of personal attention to each participant.


Dressing information


Please bring loose, comfortable clothing and a shawl for the meditation classes. Also, we recommend that you bring comfortable walking shoes or sandals which are suitable for walks through the jungle.


What to bring


We have yoga mats at Rishis International which you are more than welcome to use during the meditation classes. Alternatively, if you prefer to bring your own mat you are welcome to do so.

Please pack some sun cream and insect repellant. Also remember to bring your travel adaptor for your various charging needs. Since the evenings may get a bit chilly, please bring a sweater with you as well.


We provide your towels and bedsheets, and we have herbal shampoo and body wash for you to use too.


Extension options


If you would like to spend a few days before the retreat or after the retreat at the resort, you are most welcome to do so. Please inquire with us beforehand which rooms are available for those days and we will book your room.


How to get there


Rishis International is situated approximately 15 km from Rishikesh and approximately 35 km from the nearest airport 'Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport'. There a several flights a day from New Delhi International Airport to Dehradun. The flight takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach there. We provide shuttle taxi services for our guests from both Rishikesh and from Dehradun Jolly Airport, charging a minimal service fee based on the local tariff. The cost of the taxi service from Rishikesh can be estimated at € 15 and the taxi service from Dehradun Jolly Airport at € 30, which is to be paid directly to the driver. You will be picked up by our driver at the agreed point at the city or airport and dropped of at the resort, making your retreat fully hassle free.


If you prefer to come to Rishikesh a day or more before or after retreats, you could spend one of several days in Rishikesh and then rejoin us at Rishis International. We can arrange for your transport from the city to the resort.


Booking conditions




In order to reserve your room please contact us to find out if the room is available for the dates you require. We then ask you for a deposit of 25% of the total amount via bank transfer. The other 75% can be either transferred by bank as well shortly before your arrival or can be paid in cash on the location.


Accepted payment methods for deposit payment


Bank transfer


Accepted payment methods on location




Accepted currencies on location


Euro and Indian Rupee


Cancellation policy


In case of a cancellation within less than 4 weeks before your scheduled retreat program, your deposit payment of 25% will be charged. If you cancel more than 4 weeks before your scheduled retreat, your deposit will be refunded.





Ma Yog Stuti

A nomad at heart , her journey started since she was young. Growing up she was influenced by her father which is where she first got to know about spirituality and yoga.


A strong desire to find some stability and tranquility led her to Sivananda Ashram where she formally underwent training to become a yoga teacher. Along with this she has attended various yoga and meditation camps learning and going deeper in it.


Since then she has been travelling and conducting programs which includes beginners, intermediate as well as being part of TTC as an Assistant Teacher. All this with the hope of sharing the peace that she has found.

shared double room in the                   € 295

villa with shared bathroom

private room in the villa                       € 375

with shared bathroom

single room with river view                   € 330

with shared bathroom


shared stone cottage                           € 325

with private bathroom                     

private stone cottage                            € 395

with private bathroom

For Indian nationals different charges apply. If you  are interested to join our program please reach out to us.

When making a booking request, thank you for mentioning the following details in our contact form:

  • the retreat or training program you're interested in

  • on which dates you would like to participate in the program

  • which room option has your preference

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