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Close your eyes and imagine a valley in middle of nowhere with a huge 100 years old mango tree, touching the sky and branches going in all direction creating a womb of love and nourishment.

Near-by clusters of evergreen bamboo trees, crackle in the wind and sing with the nature and a creek flows with crystal clear water. Imagine the constant sound of melodious water taking you to a silent place within.

Slowly walk towards the garden passing a lotus pond. Garden is surrounded by beautiful pink bougainvillea’s and palm trees, lychee trees, grape vines among many other plants. Sit here for a while losing yourself in the chirping of various birds singing so beautifully that enchants you beyond yourself.

As you expand your senses and become aware of your surroundings, you observe villagers working in lush green rice fields, chatting and laughing filling your heart with warmth and thankfulness towards existence for bringing you here.

Let your heart be filled with love and walk towards the hammock under the huge mango tree and rest. Let yourself be nourished by the embrace of nature and simplicity of just being. Let your heart be overwhelmed and overflow with love. Let it burst with ecstasy. Dance, Laugh or Cry but just don’t get scared. Let it take you where you are supposed to be.

The place you just visualized… Exists!!

It is hidden in the mountains of Mother India. Do not ignore calling of your heart anymore, the longing for peace and tranquility. Take the leap of faith and trust the existence. I love to share the magic of this place with all of you.

This is where my journey began! @rishisinternational

PS: The world will not be the same after this chaos and we are preparing the ground for the beings who will be ready to dive deeper and grow higher.

Love Stuti

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