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Breath is Life

The fine balance of life and breath is in danger more than ever.

The only proof of life is that this body is breathing and yet somehow we have taken it for granted. Nature reminds us of it in the way of certain manner, especially when we are suffering from congested nasal. We sometime go on fad diet to lose weight or go on medicines to keep our heart healthy but what about how we breathe?

One thing that Yoga has taught me is to breathe correctly and as the time passes I understand the why conscious breathing is of utmost importance.

Today as the world stands at the door of destruction, the urgency to make this process, a conscious one cannot be ignored!

There are many breathing techniques described in yoga by our great masters. I would like to introduce you to only one of them today – Full Yogic Breath

It is a simple process and can be done at any time of the day.

1) Find a comfortable posture. You can either sit in sukhasana (crossed legged) or lie in savasana (Corpse Posture). It is important for the body to be in complete rest to reap the benefits.

2) Close your eyes and bring all your focus to your breath. Be aware, Mind will wander, all you need to do is gently bring it back to the breathing.

3) Place one hand on the belly and other hand on the heart.

4) Begin to breathe deeply into your belly and then into your chest.

5) Practice to breath in slow controlled manner. Be mindful and observe your breathing. Observe the changes this slow breathing does to your emotions. Do not interfere and let the process happen.

6) After breathing in completely, slowly with control let the air out, first from your chest and then from the belly.

7) Feel that you are breathing out all the useless baggage.

8) Continue to practice for 15 to 20 times.

9) Remember, every time the mind wanders gently keep bringing it back to the breath.

Breathe Easy, Live light and enjoy the process :-)

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