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Us Humans

Wondering how we reached here. Look Back!

Many a times we have enjoyed the movies based on mass destruction, people dying, Earth stopping, world at the brink of ending… And the only thing that left an impression on us was acting or direction.

We heard and saw destruction happening in many parts of the world be it Syria, Africa or Japan. We saw Europe struggle with economic depression, we saw developing nations like Africa or India crawling with disease and population. We saw many animal species going extinct, we saw rivers drying up, we saw ozone layer vanishing, we saw oceans getting dirty. We saw wars, we saw humanity dwindling.

Still wondering?!!

We all knew, it’s going to happen, but we assured ourselves, at least not in our lifetime.

HUMANS... we are absolutely amazing at creating a false sense of security, even in what the world is facing today, there are many people around the world who fail to understand the gravity of things.

I heard many say, ’only old people are dying’.

Does the value of life comes with an expiration date or we have become so desperate for things to back as before that we are losing touch with ourselves.

My heartbreaks for all the people who thinks it is just ‘flu’. My heartbreaks when I hear a four month old passing away. My heart breaks at the thought, when a leader of one of the largest populated country had to choose between lesser of two evils, hunger or pandemic.

My heart goes out to all my loved ones! They are in midst of the storm in various parts of the world. I wish I can protect them, I wish I can hold them, I wish I can be there for them, I wish… I wish… I wish…

Please use your intelligence; you are not only a threat to yourself but to all the people around you. It’s time for you to grow beyond yourself.

Earth is breathing again and maybe just maybe we learn to breathe with it.

Love Stuti

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