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Close to the heart - by Ma Yog Stuti

After spending a month in cities, I am back in the peacefulness of mountains.

I have lived here for almost two years now and still every time I come I am amazed by its simplicity. I feel immense gratitude and happiness. Today as I lay in this hammock I see birds of so many colors and the dance of the trees in the wind. Ah! I missed it!

I love the quietness of this place where I can hear the birds when they sing, water when it flows and breeze making its way slowly towards us.

Laying here it’s getting cooler now as the sun sets spreading it’s color in the sky. In a little while Fireflies will take over like beautiful stars descended on earth. Night brings its own beauty you see.

As I write this I realize no matter how much I try no words in human language can ever explain the beauty of stillness.

I also realize I am no longer fit to live in cities, too much in love with these mountains.

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1 Comment

Michaela van der Meer
Michaela van der Meer
Nov 26, 2022

Life at Rishis is pure Balm for the Soul

Love and Grace

Peace and Quiet



Where Love Flows

Like the river at the foot of this blissful mountain

To Be

in All

Come lay your Self down

in Pure


Michaela van der Meer September 40 day without food at Rishis Bliss

gracefully held in Symplicity by Swami Antar Khirad sharing precious time and walks in the mountain, meditating in the cave, symply Be.

Grateful for the Greatness of Dr. Sonika for her pure precence during the Ayurvedic consultation.

Blissfully touched with Grace by the magical hands of Ma Yog Stuti during the Ayurvedic massage sessions.

For ever greatful for your amazing care, Love and Devotion

To be…

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